Smart Retail (PopSquare)

Smart Retail

As we have identified the complications that arise with setting up Pop up stores, we have decided to bring in Popsquare, aiming to solve the issues you might have with setting up.

Popsquare is an A.I enabled pop-up kiosk that allows customers to touch and feel the actual products while having the details displayed on the 42″ TouchScreen. If they have any enquiries about the products, there is also an option for a Live Chat with the manufacturers of the product, allowing them to get accurate information right then and there. With Computer Vision and Trend Prediction, PopSquare can analyse User behaviour & Intention in real time, allowing you to work on how to capture your customers better.

Not only does the Popsquare save on manpower costs, it also helps bring in more human traffic while giving you detailed statistics of the people that do or do not visit your kiosk. As it is a new technology in Singapore, it naturally helps bring more attention towards your stores, which increases customer footfall, thus increasing awareness and possibly your sales.

Presence In Malls

▲ WFCentral, Beijing

▲ K11, Hong Kong

Manless experience store set-up to save store and human cost

By displaying your promotional videos and sample products, the customers can experience products, make purchase online as usual and have a stress-free shopping experience. By riding on PopSquare, brands can save up to 90% of store cost while expanding brand awareness across all locations.

▲ Daily Traffic Report

Test the market response and adjust strategy faster

By referring our video data analytics reports, you can understand the offline customer behavior at different regions and their engagement level, and further apply the data insight to adjust market segmentation, product design or pricing strategy.

▲ Hourly Pickup Report


Meet younger consumer’s expectation

• By giving them free access to products and trials
• By providng a truly new retail experience
• Interactive, convivial, quick and efficient

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Computer Vision
Internet Of Things
Machine Learning
Big Data

    Popsquare Store

    Data Analytics

    • People traffic within 4m
    • People traffic within lm
    • Product pick-up popularity
    • Demographics data (e.g. gender, age)
    • No. of transactions (if use PopSquare payment gateway)

    • Location effectiveness comparison
    • On-screen clickstream data
    • No. of QR code scan
    • No. of SMS check-out